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"...the launch of My New Direction...!!”

Yes, I know it's been a few months since I last updated my website, but it has by no means been without good reason and the time has been put to good use. Apart from taking advantage of the periods of good weather to further plan and develop my garden which is now a blaze of colour, I have been working hard in my studio honing my skills in 'haute fabric art embroidery', the medium I am now concentrating on.

As I mentioned before, I have felt for some time that I was not achieving my true fulfilment; where I could embody my love of imaginative dramatic designs using rich colourful fabrics, interwoven with embroidery and beads to produce eye-catching creations that would lighten up any aspect of your homes.

So, as a result of researching fabrics, beads and accessories and experimenting with designs, I am now working on my first creation, for which 'work in progress' photos can be viewed in the montage on the right.... I reveal no more at this stage as to what it will be!.....just watch this space over the next few weeks. Suffice to say it will look stunning, ready to adorn your home in several ways.

I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges this 'new direction' is presenting to me.  It involves intricate, complex sewing requiring great care and a good deal of patience, but each step of the way is drawing fresh ideas from my imagination, inspiring me on... There are going to be exciting times ahead and I'm really happy in myself. I now realise this is where the last few years have been leading me's going to be fun...

All this means that my website has needed re-structuring as you now see. I have retained the Archives where some of my past commissions, that have led me to where I am now, can still be seen.

So, please keep visiting my website, following me on Instagram and join me on my new journey.....thank you for your continued support and please do Contact me if you wish...

Last Update: Wednesday, August 16, 2017