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Patch Cottage, 18 Oxcroft Estate, Stanfree, Chesterfield, S44 6AU

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“contemporary fabric art embroidery”

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Framed hand beaded, embroidered and appliquéd hanging wall art

Welcome to the first new star in my Stellar Collection. Please study her closely as this is the epitome of the Patch Cottage Designs branding for the future...note the intricacies of my design, feel the warmth radiating from the myriad of colours, close in to see the complexity of my embroidery and feel the texture of the whole stunning creation.  View the photos and see how, not only in the natural daylight, but even in the darkness, the slightest peep of light brings out a sparkle. And for that special effect, see the glimmering by candlelight, but of course don't have the candles too close. See NOVA video on Youtube

Yes, NOVA sparkles dramatically when displayed under any lighting. Play the videos found in YouTube to see the true ambience that is reflected from different angles of view and listen to the accompanying music......however you display her, she will surely provide a mesmerising aspect anywhere in your home and captivate you and your visitors.....

“N O V A”

Nova is framed for hanging with dimensions:  70cm wide x 90cm deep

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